VNA Consortium Inc. The Pulse of Home Health CareVNA Consortium Inc. The Pulse of Home Health Care
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Benefits for
Participating Hospitals

Building a relationship with the VNAC, allows case managers the ease of having one resource that can meet all of their home health care needs in every community throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The VNAC can help:

Assist in the patient discharge process with our on-site staff of liaison nurses
Easily source a VNA or other home health care service to match an individual patient's special needs
Identify and locate any VNA based on a patient inquiry or request, including prior
health services
Coordinate patient
insurance coverage needs
and answer questions
Create a sense of security
and increase confidence
that referrals reach quality
care providers

For more information on the benefits of becoming a member of the VNAC, please go
to our Members page.

Connecting Case Managers with Local VNA's

In 1992, a group of independent Visiting Nurse Associations (VNAs) throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island formed a Consortium of agencies to work with Boston area hospitals as a liaison between case managers and VNAs throughout the surrounding communities. Today, the VNA Consortium, Inc. (VNAC) takes pride in its reputation as the number one home health care resource for Boston hospitals.

Our liaison nurses have the sole responsibility of providing case managers with the assistance they need to find the “best” local care for their patients prior to hospital discharge. Leaving the hospital can be a scary and confusing time for a patient. The VNAC eases the burden for case managers by acting as their central point of contact for coordinating home care. Some of the VNAC liaison nurse duties include: managing insurance claims; assisting in the patient discharge process; setting up future appointments; and coordinating home care with a patient’s “local” VNA or another reputable and skilled home health care resource.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the home health care industry and a number of member agencies, we always have someone available to meet each patient’s individual needs. Our members have established strong community ties that allow us to offer the personal touch and individualized services that have long been associated with locally-based home care agencies.

VNA Consortium Inc. The Pulse of Home Health Care